About Me

đź“· credit to Hannah Rudd 2018

Hey! I’m Jon Roberts (he/him/his/Mr), and I’ve just graduated from Lancaster University Environment Centre (UK) with an MSci Biology degree, with a heavy focus on ecology, evolution and conservation, and some experience of genetics and physical and human geography. Research interests include birds, bats, butterflies, bumblebees, and the influence of habitat and climate change at species and community level (particularly with regards to urban ecology). My undergraduate thesis studied the effect of habitat management for fritillary butterflies on other insect pollinators (see here for details), revealing a concerning lack of functional redundancy which could compromise ecosystem function in the future (see my blog post for further details). My masters thesis, using data from the UK Butterfly Monitoring Scheme and the UKCP09 climate dataset, revealed that wingspan, and potentially overall body size, is correlated with butterfly phenology, with smaller species less able to keep up with climate change.

You can contact me by email (jonroberts124@gmail.com) for professional inquiries. You can also follow me on Twitter (@jonroberts123) or drop by my Instagram (@the_jon_roberts). I also have a LinkedIn page.